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Data Hackatons

Our Data Hackathons are intensive, daily or bi-daily events where our cross-functional teams, consisting of technical staff (comprising data engineers, scientists, and analysts) and business experts from various domains (Finance, Logistics, Commercial Excellence, HR, Manufacturing, Marketing, etc.), strive to gain an instant understanding of processes, data availability and insight opportunities for business. 

Final product of data hackathon is roadmap that categorizes opportunities into quick wins (where there is substantial potential and readily available data), medium opportunities (where minimal data investment is required for significant potential), and long-term opportunities (where substantial data investments are needed).

Our business experts hail from either industry backgrounds or consulting firms, and the combination of technical and business expertise ensures a clear and rapid comprehension of processes, as well as the identification of opportunities.


Data Architecture

Our data architecture team delivers cloud-enabled scalability, self-service capability for democratized access, and faster time-to-market for new data products. As part of our data management services, we ensure that business clients have up-to-date, curated, cross-silo enterprise data that creates a single version of the truth.
Our data architecture experts, working with your team, will rapidly build, test, and calibrate your cloud-based big data platform architecture with sound change management principles built into the framework. Our approach helps your organization achieve a foundational, insight-driven business that can carry its successes forward throughout internal/external enterprise relationships and rapidly adapt/scale-up for changing business requirements.

Data Culture & Data Driven Organization

Having reports and data models in place is simply not enough. What makes difference is a culture. If you don’t have processes to deploy and sustain culture, tools will not be used correctly in the mid and long term. That’s why data culture is equally essential as Data tools. 
We are using four pillars to deploy and sustain data culture:

–  Prevent the noise (complete and correct data)

Assisted sponsorship from the top (we create a data exchange plan within an organization to keep data focus all the time with a minimum of time invested)
Use data in best capacity (our Products are in charge for this)

Continuous improvement of business performance by data use (We are using Lean tools to achieve this)

Also, we are using our ETTS (Enaiblers, Tools, Trainings, Sustainers) matrix to identify how to best deploy, and sustain culture in which data is used in systematic manner.


Data Storytelling

In today’s data-driven world, the ability to communicate complex information effectively is more crucial than ever.

Our Data Storytelling Services are tailored to help your business turn raw data into engaging, insightful stories that capture attention and drive decisions.

Growius reports are interconnected across organizational layers, offering actionable insights and leaving no room for inefficiencies, and designed to answer all the questions your internal stakeholders are looking for.


Data Analysis

If you want to have detailed financial analysis and get the best business insights, but you don’t have time for it, our analysts can help you!

They will use set of more then 20 Reports to make a 360-degree view of your business, so that they can give you the best analysis and insight into your business. In that case, you would be using a few major Reports to track your business, high level, and we would do the rest.

Our standard service plan usually involves a Monthly or Weekly review, depending on your business dynamics and needs.


End to End Power BI Solutions

Growius Dashboard and Reporting services leverage our modern data architecture, big data technology, and agile analytics for business success.

We are offering end to end solutions in Power BI with 360 degree approach for any business process you want to bring to next level.

Our data visualization services integrate all the moving parts within your cloud architecture, merging big data technologies with visualization tools to deliver a top-notch end-to-end reporting experience. 


Please see below some of our use cases:

– KPIs tracking 

– Sales and margin analytics
– Working capital analytics
– Transportation cost optimization
– Marketing analytics 
– Financials incl sensitivity analysis

– Market opportunity analysis

– Customer churn analysis 

– Price, Volume, Cost analysis

– Pricing analysis

– Cash Flow projections and more

AI & ML Model Development Services

Growius Learning Model Development Services help clients throughout the stages of the model development lifecycle;

From discovery, through model building and training, and on through deployment.

Our experienced data scientists use industry-leading toolkits, libraries, and frameworks to maximize predictive power and accelerate time-to-value.


RPA Services

Ready to automate your backoffice?

RPA improves cost containment, speed, and quality.
Bots don’t sleep, and they don’t make mistakes; they help scale your business rapidly.

Panalytics has the team, the expertise, and the data to help you work faster, better, and save money.


General Power BI Consultancy

– Diagnostics
– Roadmap including quick wins 

– Gaps and opportunities actions

– Process matrix definition
– ETL optimization
– PBI integration 

– Target and Benchmark integration 

– Reports development and Security 

– Trainings 

– Deployment of cultural framework


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