About Us

 We have developed End-to-End solutions in Power BI covering major business areas and processes.


We are on a mission to provide integrated solutions in Power BI that leverage the expertise in Data Analytics, Financial Planning and Analysis, Commercial Finances and Performance Management, most usually developed within Power BI. Consequently, our teams comprise multidisciplinary professionals, including developers, business consultants, and financial analysts.

The concept is to offer automated end-to-end solutions in Power BI, with the objectives of Providing clients with a reporting package that can be adopted organization-wide through standardization, ensuring a unified language and shared goals through a multi-layer reporting approach and Enabling end-to-end business analyses to address all business questions without leaving room for further analysis, interpretation, and similar inefficiencies.

Finally, once the solution is ready for use, we implement a cultural framework based on Lean principles to address the issue of reports and decision-making tools utilization, ensuring that what is implemented is used in full capacity.

Major business areas and processes covered by our solutions (but not limited to) are:

– Sales and Commercial reporting
– Working Capital reporting
– Pricing analytics
– Business Planning and Investor analytics
– Integrated KPI solutions
– End-to-End financial reporting
– Financial modeling and decision making
– Costing analytics
– HR analytics
– Manufacturing analytics
РLogistic analytics