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About Us

We have developed a set of connected Reports that can cover Sales, Profit, Cash Flow, and other major business areas. Our Reports are based on common data you already have available, so you do not need to invest in data. The next step is where you come in! We will give you a quick call so that we can understand your business and choose the solution which can give you the best insights. When we get the data and your approval, we will customize the Reports pack to fit your business needs.

And so, where is the final step? Well, there isn’t one. You are already set to go, and the Reports are ready for use! You will be given a link through which you will be able to access the Reports, while we take care of the licenses and all other boring technicalities. Reports will be available through the browser of your choice as well as the iOS/Android free Power BI app. And all of this is completed within 3 days! If you give us a call on Monday, your set of reports will be ready on Friday.

Finally, if you want to have detailed financial analysis and get the best business insights, but you don’t have time for it, our analysts can help you! Because they are very experienced and know where to look, they won’t take much time which means a more affordable service for you! In that case, you would be using a few of the major Reports to track your business high level and we would do the rest.

Our Solutions are developed in Microsoft Power BI, which is in our opinion the best Business Intelligence platform since it is compatible with almost all data sources, user-friendly, and super secure.