Sales and Commercial Reporting

Our Sales and Commercial reporting solution helps you to track and understand major business drivers, KPIs and its performance comparing to plan, sales and margin variances, pricing gaps and opportunities, trends, geo analytics, discounts, evaluation and many more topics relevant to drive your business efficiently throught the month.

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360 P&L Analysis

360 P&L analysis helps you detailed evaluation of monthly performance across all business dimensions, making it possible that each business dimension (e.g. product, customer, channel, location) has its own end to end P&L with pre-bilt reports for every line in P&L, starting from sales, ending to net result.

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Working Capital Analytics and Cash Flow Projections

Working capital reporting solution will support you in daily optimization of inventories, receivables and payables influencing cash flow improvement. Track your progress in inventory, receivables and payables days over time and have and instant availability of aging structure.

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HR Analytics

Growius HR reporting package covers all important topics reagarding people KPIs and analytics. It includes general statistics, distribution and trends, turnover analysis, time and attendance analytics, absenteeism analysis and dicoveries, and employee performance evaluation.

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Budgeting, Business Planning and Financial Modeling

Our Business planning model includes both planed and actual numbers as well as Simulatior that helps you to do real time huge number of simulations with change of model assumptions. This model is suitable for both budgeting, business planning and investor analytics in dynamic industries.

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KPI Trees, Boards and Reports

Our integrated KPI solution connects different levels of KPIs (starting from Top X KPIs, KPIs that are their drivers and daily KPIs as leading indicators) with different accountability groups in organization (Top management, middle management, operational teams) creating integrated solution based on connected multilayer business tracking.

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